Friday, February 06, 2004

Well hell, I forgot to add the link that I'm sure a lot of people might want to see.

A site with the pics & video clip of her naughty superbowl halftime show where she gives everyone a tit flashing...

BE WARNED this is your typical NUDE CELEB site! Here is the link .

I do not endorse or condone these type of sites, but since it's relevant to the story at hand I will post it. If it offends too many I will delete it. However, in regard for parent's wanting to keep kids away from this type of stuff my blog is registered with all the major filtering companies such as cybersitter, netnanny, RSAC, etc. I'm a strong believer in Free Speech but also in parental controls on the Internet.

So, ENJOY, or not... stay tuned I'll post more newsworthy links as I find them on anything pertaining to Janet Jackson's career, controversy, etc.

OK, so by now you've GOT to have heard or seen the beef about Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake's boob / tit flashing event during the superbowl halftime show.

IF you haven't you gotta catchup, so here's some reading:

Janet Reveals What She Meant to Show

Timberlake Apologizes

Janet Apologizes

Janet Asked Not to Participate at Grammys

Woman Sues over Janet Jacksons Breast
Well to start it's ONLY appropriate to post a little bio info, so here goes:

Birthdate: May 16, 1966

Janet Jackson - The Beginning
Janet Jackson was born into a musical family and was the youngest of nine children. Janet Jackson's brothers, including mega-celeb Michael Jackson, made up the '70s pop group the Jackson 5. Janet Jackson began performing when she was a child and opened for the Jackson 5 in Las Vegas. But at the time Janet Jackson was known more for her acting, rather than her singing. Janet Jackson appeared on the TV shows Good Times, Diff'rent Strokes and Fame. When Janet Jackson was 16, her father forced her to follow in her brothers' footsteps by singing professionally.

Janet Jackson's Big Break
In 1982, after signing to A&M Records, Janet Jackson released her first album called Janet Jackson, which she followed up with Dreamstreet in 1984. In 1986, Janet released Control, which was wildly successful. Control introduced the hit What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Janet Jackson - Did U Know?
# Janet Jackson was secretly married to actor/producer Rene Elizondo for nine years.
# Janet Jackson will play legendary actress/singer Lena Horne in the film Lena, which will be released in 2004.
# Janet Jackson's full name is Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Janet Jackson is Michael Jackson's FINE-4ss sister.

Seems to be an amazingly nice woman, as do most of the Jackson children.

SHe's beyond blog-worthy is why I figured it was about time someone started one of these.

Stick around, I'll be reporting on her career and whatnot...

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